Silicone Food Storage Containers Organizers Set


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Size: Cup set of 3: L: bottom 9* high 16.5* top 18cm; M: bottom 7.7* high...


Gray 8pcs
White 8pcs
Blue 8pcs
Blue Cup 3pcs
Gray Cup 3pcs
White Cup 3pcs
Gray Bowl 3pcs
Blue Bowl 3pcs
White Bowl 3pcs


Size: Cup set of 3: L: bottom 9* high 16.5* top 18cm; M: bottom 7.7* high 14* top 15.5cm; S: bottom 6.3* high 11* top 13cm. 

Bowl set of 3: L: bottom 17.6* high 10.3* top 23cm; M: bottom 16.1* high 9.5* top 20.5cm; S: bottom 14.3* high 8.5* top 18cm. 

Weight: 3pcs bowl: 260g; 3pcs cup: 200g; 8pcs cup bowl bag: 590g.

Note: Withstandable temperature range: -40 to 230 degrees Celsius;

Safe to use in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Package include:3x Bowl / 3x Cup / 8x Cup Bowl Bag.

Please Note:

Due to hand measure, the size may have 1-2cm error.

Due to different monitor and camera lights may cause slight color differences, mainly in kind of all colors.

Due to long shipping, the item may damage in transit, if the item damage, pls contact us firstly immediately before leave feedback, thanks for your understanding.


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